Get More Variety of Fresh and Healthy Food and Drink at Work.
Wellness Support for Human Resource Professionals!

  • Company Kitchen is a revolutionary self-serve micro market employees can access 24/7 at work for fresh salads, sandwiches, veggie snacks, fruit, yogurt, energy drinks, Vitamin Water, Sunkist 10-calorie soda, as well as all the traditional snacks and drinks.
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  • CK’s Daily Nutritional Analysis (DNA) allows individuals to track their nutritional goals through their CK online account.
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  • CK will soon launch a Client Wellness Portal to help HR professionals track group nutritional information by company, location or department, helping support wellness programs, and implement rewards and incentive programs.
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More Fresh Food For Employees. More Wellness Support For HR.

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CK clients include multi-location global brands to single-venue offices.